May 31st- June 25th.- (extended for three more week as part of my proposal)
Participating in
Pirate Camp
: Stateless Pavilion. 54 Venice Biennale.

June 1-3 2011.
Venice Biennale, Curated by Jonas Stampe and Nadia Captaine.

June 9-11th
Spanish Pavillion- 54th Venice Biennale, The Inadequate by the artist Dora García.
Transforming Vynil piece:

June 10th-11th.
The Art Summit of The Alliance of Arts and Culture, On Matters of Sensitivity and/or How The Dripping Turned into a Flood, Patrick Blaeser and Emilio Rojas.

July 8th
Urlaub in Berlin exhibition,
This is for you to feel not to read. Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin.

August 25
50/50 gallery, Challenge exhibition, I love you but I cannot work with you, Victoria, B.C.

13–18 September 2011

Visual-eyez Performance Festival, in the downtown core of Edmonton, Alberta, exploring on the curatorial theme of worship curated by Todd Janes,

September 17–December 11

Finding Correspondences- Surrey Art Gallery.

What is misplaced in translation and what is gained? The Mexican poet Octavio Paz called translation the “art of shadows and echoes,” the “art of finding correspondences”. This exhibition presents an array of contemporary artwork about the all-important art of translation and the dynamic transformations of language across cultures. Participating artists: Digital Natives, Soheila Esfahani, Mark Neufeld, Emilio Rojas, Tony Romano, Ming Wong. Curated by Jordam Strom

September 15- 25

LIVE Performance Biennale, Vancouver , B.C.

September 9-10 SWARM

221A. I <3 CANADA, Nationalism and Sports; The only way to love.

exhibition Curated by Francisco-Fernando Granados.