Under the Black Light; Freudian Fixations Series

This performance Under the Black Light is part of the Freudian Fixations series exploring sexuality as a driving force of living. Performed right after sperm bubbles, the performance was all done under black light. Using sperm mixed with a variety of fluorescent materials the performance brought into the naked eye physical interpretations of sexuality taken from Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, ( Freud 1905) in particular its relation to childhood. Among some of the actions I  read excerpts of the essays through a fan and emptied a container with 6 months of sperm collection over the book and my body. Through the performance an encrypted message was written on the back wall that finally revealed the title and material of the previous performance: sperm bubbles.

Slivers, Shivers, & Snakeskins
Chapel Arts- Vancouver- Canada
April 16. 2009 
Curated by: Zarah Ackerman
Duration:  30 minutes