Tactile Orgasm

Would we be able to relate to this world without our skin? Being the largest and heaviest organ in our entire body, our skin not only does it protect all internal body functions, it is our link to the external and the sensorial. Through millions of receptors in our skin, we are able to feel vibrations, pressure, temperature, pleasure and pain. Why do we spend so much time covering it? Are we afraid of feeling? Why are the objects and fabrics that give us the highest pleasure, considered taboo? Most importantly, why do we fear contact with other human beings?

  Enclosed in this black box, lies an orgasm that is hidden in your skin and evoked through mine. This exchange happened inside a sculptural structure with 6 holes that resemble the holes in the human body. Inside the sculpture I was naked with  a series of sexualized objects that the participants interacted with when reaching inside through the holes. The cloth tubes made it impossible to see the content, yet it was easy to feel; while your imagination traveled through this sensorial experience. The objects included: chains, ropes, silk, a feather fan, bananas, apples, watermelon, oranges, dildos, vibrators, latex, and leather. Each interaction was different, from tying their hands, to squishing an banana into them, to connect hands of participants. Inside the box most participants allowed themselves to behave how they would in intimate way being: tender, sensual, playful, aggressive, loving, caring, exploratory, and even violent; while outside they continued with their conversations.

A metaphor of how as a society we try to keep sexuality a secret,  and restrict our bodies through taboos that limit the exploration of our own bodies. The performance was a sensorial experience for all participants. At some points there were six different people interacting with my body, the objects and among themselves. Taboos were left behind the moment their hands or bodies trespassed the boundaries of what lied inside: their desires. It is not only a box, it is a Tactile Orgasm. A place to leave all inhibitions behind and allow yourself to feel.

VIVO Media Arts Centre
Net(Work); A Performance Art Fair
March 20, 2009.
Photo Credit: Maxim Bentsianov