Traces of me

As we walk and breath, our bodies leave ephemeral traces that track our steps in the most invisible ways before disintegrating into the environment. Detached from our bodies they become organic debris that instantaneously loose their value. Traces of me is an ongoing exploration and recollection of the debris and fluids of my body including my hair, nails, and sperm. It began five years ago when I began collecting my hair when cutting it, lately becoming more active in 2009. As an exploration this materials will become part of my creative process and research: taking the form of sculptures, drawings, installations, text-based work, etc. With the idea of returning them their value,tracing their origin back into the body and transforming them through metaphors into artwork that can confront the audience to relate to their bodies beyond a materialistic perspective. As they accumulate they become collections that register the passage of time through my body, an ongoing exploration of the scattered remains that are usually carelessly discarded.

Hair Collections
From left to Right
(Winter 2008, Autumn 2009, Spring 2010)