What do we eat, drink, devour, destroy, wastefully spend, and what are the consequences of our consumption?  Consum-Consumer is an installation in my house right at the middle of my kitchen made out of 711 wine corks. The installation will remain in site for the duration of a month, and is meant to make present the notions of consumption in everyday life. The work will transform to form a variety of words with the root  consum: consume, consumer, consumed, consuming, consumption, consumerism, consumption; whose origins mean equivalent to take up. The installation is made by the corks standing one next to each other without anything binding them together, which makes it extremely delicate. A metaphor of being mindful every moment of our patterns of consumption. Trying to explore the notion of the  artist as a consumer, from the materials of his daily practice to the myths of excess and self-indulgence celebrated by our society. Is it real that the ever-expanding consumption of goods is advantageous to the economy/society and what are the consequences of such acts of indulgence?  What are our responsibilities as consumers and do we have the power to shape and transform these patterns? This are some of the questions that I try address and question myself and my visitors with this installation.