Crecer desde la Raiz - To grow from the Root.

This project is an anthropological exploration of hair.I will grow my hair for a year, documenting its growth daily through photography in a linear but not chronological way,  as well as writing in a diary the experience of physically transforming my appereance. In the end of the year this exploration will lead to try different social, religious and cultural hairstyles with the purpose of  reevaluating  and embodying the ancient and intricate symbolism of hair. Hair  goes beyond gender and applies into identity and politics. demonstrated in the XX century by Hippies, Punks, Skins, Rastafarians, and many others. It can show a spiritual connection to ancestry in Native American traditions , a source of masculinity or femininity through history or in its absence the detachment of a monk, or the mourning  of a widow. 

As one of the most powerful symbols of individual and group identity it lies between the threshold of   the physical , therefore extremely personal and the external appearance therefore extremely public. Its symbolism is usually voluntary rather than imposed, and its malleability makes it  singularly apt to represent  the transformations and differentiations between  group and individual  identities. It might also represent a multiplicity of identities or stand as a signifier depending on the context its presented in. Within our collective imaginations a bold person can represent; a Buddhist monk, a skin head, a cancer patient. a soldier, or a prisoner depending on the context. Can the same person represent all of them at once through imagery? Is the way we treat our a hair a reflection of the notions of consumerism that treats the body only as a material entity? Could we learn to accept our bodies if we valued our hair differently?