Antes de hacer nada, consultalo con la almohada.

Antes de hacer nada, consultalo con la almohada,  is part a series entitled Conversations with Death which purpose is to open a dialogue about the fragility of our existence, mourning, and death rituals. It was inspired by the passing of my uncle from lung cancer, in the year 2008, and the memories and things that he left behind. The title comes from a Mexican saying which advices that before doing anything, you consult with  your pillow, or sleep on it.

I own a variety of objects that my uncle, who was an art collector, gave me throughout my life, but due to family disputes the only thing that I got after his death was a pillow, which was in fact initially mine. I gave him my own pillow when he was hospitalized, ironically a memory foam one,  in which he eventually died sleeping on it the morning of February 11th, 2008. That day when the pillow was given back to me  it was still drenched with his sweat, and impregnated with his smell. Since then I've slept in this pillow and traveled with it everywhere I go as a way of remembering and honoring his life, and his desire to keep living. A man that was my inspiration to pursue art  and the most important father figure in  my life, whose morals and advise carry on with me and have defined who I am.

A metaphor to consulting with the death, my ancestry, traditions and moral values before taking any decisions. This object that has transcended its initial material value, an gone into an emotional, metaphysical realm  and even relating to paranormal phenomena, an object of daily practice and sculptural possibilities. The pillow will travel with me for the rest of my life, and when exhibited people will be able to sleep on it in the gallery, or request to take it to sleep on it for a night. During these periods of exhibition I will sleep without a pillow and relate to that absence.