This piece was a performance  for the audience to interpret, for me it was how I felt as a newcomer to Vancouver, wrapped up  in its own construct of artificiality and way of living but also struggling with my past and trying to set roots as an immigrant. With elastic bands I created long ropes by united one elastic after the other, and wrapped myself with it using some pieces of fabric.  I also  had a bag of elastic bags and for four hours I walked barefooted around the city in winter fighting against the ropes as if I was trapped,  but at the same time  making more elastic ropes to wrap myself, in a clear contradiction becoming more and more entangled. In a metropolitan landscape like Vancouver with its great diversity of social issues the piece was read in different ways by its residents, most which have been never exposed to performance art.

The readings of the people varied from thinking that the piece was about homelessness and the Downtown East Side,  known as "Canada's poorest postal code", an area is known for a high incidence of poverty, drug use, sex trade, crime, as well as a history of community activism. The viewers also thought that it was about the progressive closing down of the Riverwiew mental hospital and the increase number of mentally ill people on the streets.The most interesting part of the performance for me was at the stairs of the Vancouver Art Gallery, where there was a protest against the invasion of Iraq, and the earthly colors of the fabric were similar to the camouflage suits of soldiers. The audience thought that I was protesting against the war and soldiers being trapped in a situation created by the leaders of their nations. They started screaming "free yourself, you have the right to be free, and live"