A night of Translations; From Woolf to Borges, from my mother to me...

Project Description

Every artist and guests propose a new translation and possible  reading which is only the beginning of a larger exchange to create a fluid trade with the audience. Kevin Clancy’s Babel, references the Book of Genesis and proposes music as a universal language that unite humanity, in this chaotic times perhaps a possible entrance to the heavens. He types text into a typewriter which then translates  it into a musical score played by a piano. Singing from the heart Natalie Doonan and Lupe Martinez are able to capture in Crying/Llorando, the core essence of  a feeling and by doing so trespassing any translation to create a true moment of beauty beyond language. Going against their mother tongues, they are able to intertwine identities in a song about love, and sorrow, to touch their audience in the most profound and cathartic way. Chuan Hua Dong in The other words provides the audience with a  metaphor and a surreal image that illustrates her experience of translation to the act of consuming, and feeding. “El otro el mismo” by Sylvain Daval and Emilio Rojas, is an audio installation that establishes the rapport between the author and translator, with the original readings by Borges of fourteen of his poems and the readings in English by Rojas all by different translators.

In Recitation of a Translation of a Translation, Emilio Rojas translated the same poems from Spanish to English and with the participation of the audience and invited guests the texts are translated again into a plurality of languages, in a cacophony of translations. Los Hacedores/ The makers, will greet you at the entrance with the title of the piece interpreted in other languages, perchance with not quite a  literal translation. Perhaps the entire night was lost in  translation, or perhaps it serves as framework that along with the summer issue of FRONT Magazine invited the viewer to reflect upon the authenticity, function, and importance of  weaving one language into another, to create new aesthetic possibilities.