Sperm Bubbles; Freudian Fixations Series

Sperm bubbles is a performance part of the Freudian Fixations series exploring sexuality as a driving force of living. The bubbles were with a mixture of 20% sperm and 80% bubble soap, which maid the colloid dense enough but still able to form bubbles.  The audience unaware of the materials used for the bubbles, was immediately attracted to them and nostalgically transported into memories of childhood. I only revealed the materials if the audience asked for them, or for the title of the piece. During 2 hours the audience was exposed to the bubbles, and the materials were revealed in the performance that followed, Under the Black Light.  The attraction an repulsion before and after the materiality was revealed, showed how a material can play within this polar  boundaries. As Freud stated that childhood is destiny, the bubbles act as a memory of innocence, while the sperm refers to the sexuality as an adult which according to Freud is defined by the first five years of an infant.

Slivers, Shivers, & Snakeskins
Chapel Arts- Vancouver- Canada
April 16. 2009 
Curated by: Zarah Ackerman
Duration:  30 minutes