Identity Crossings 2010- ongoing

MEX  - YVR through  DFW,  January 2011.
photo credit: Adriana Medina

For this series of works I cross the US border each time with a different identity that challenges the constructs and stereotypes imposed into Mexican immigrants, but also inhabits the liminal state between reality and fiction. Each time, the identities become more and more surreal, presenting a challenge to the immigration officers and the audience to rethink their notion of what the migrant identity looks like. Each crossing is documented through photography, and text, and sometimes video. Sometimes crossings go undocumented for security reasons, most of the time the spaces in between crossings become the only documentation of the works. 

YVR - MEX through PHX March 2011

YVR - VCE Through JFK June 2011

YVR- GSO through ORD March 2013
photo credit: flight attendant US AIRWAYS