Who is that body in the window?
curated by Laiwan

33,797 (ongoing)

An unfinished drawing made entirely out of crosses creates the profile of the right-wing Mexican President Felipe Calderón. A visual representation of each live that has been lost in the country´s self-denominated “war” against the country’s drug cartels initiated in December 2006 by the president. In 4 years, this conflict has claimed the lives of 33, 797 people, according to government figures: civilians, law enforcement officers, drug-dealers, and innocent bystanders. This figures are ambiguous, since they don’t provide further details disclosing which social groups were included in this count, or in what percentage.

This eruption of violence affects the livelihoods of thousands of families and has led to an unprecedented climate of fear in the country. The latest national polls indicate that 8 out of 10 Mexicans believe the “narcos” are winning the war, and more than half of the population disapproves of President Calderón’s actions against the cartels. With this work, Emilio Rojas joins the ranks of contemporary Mexican artists who use their work to protest the country’s current violence, in a campaign titled, No Mas Sangre, (No more blood). In a time of heightened fear and uncertainty, with an ongoing conflict where victory seems elusive and the costs unjustifiable, Rojas’s head for the exquisite corpse, serves as homage to the people that have lost their lives during this conflict. Each cross is counted out loud to remember and the profile will continue to accumulate crosses as the count increases.