Meta + Pherein Series

The Greek root of the word metaphor comes from "meta" across or over, and "pherein" to carry. Giving the definition of the word metaphor, as to carry from one place to another. These palettes selected from their place of origin, Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada undergo the same pattern of migration that I do every year,  across borders and geographies, as well as referencing the North American Free Trade Agreement.  I carved each palette like a mold,  to fit the exactly the shape of my body.  Once inside, I could only get out with the help of the viewer. The action of carrying the palettes , with my body inside from one place to another is an exploration on   how the migrant body remains invisible, within its precarious legal status, subject to exploitation and confined within geographies.  The palettes remain as forgotten objects of consumption that become a metaphor taken by the viewer's subjectivity to begin a dialogue of form, meaning, politics and aesthetics. I remain inside the palettes for a duration of 4 hours at a time, and I'm moved by a pallet carrying vehicle, from one location to another. My intention in the future is to cross the borders of US and Canada inside this sculpture.