I will...

I will write a list of all my actions before my arrival to Europe, before ever seeing the work displayed in the biennale, without knowing the place or any of the artist participating.

I will travel to Europe dressed as a pirate.
I will not use any of the accreditation to gain entrance to the biennale nor benefit from any such accreditation
I will find a way to steal a piece from the bienniale that can then be distributed to the public
I will enter the Giardini every day through a different illegal point
I will walk through every national pavilion without shoes, making a print after collecting the dust
I will participate in an exhibition outside of the biennale, that critiques the institution.
I will present work in a national pavilion, by convincing one of the artists to allow my work to be displayed.
I will insert video, vinyl and my own body illegally into the national pavillions to change the perception and relation that the public has to the official works exhibited.
I will engage in personal conversations with the people that work for the Biennale and in every pavilion.
I will pretend to be a worker of the biennale myself
I will sell affordable art to the public. I will not set the price, they will
I will meet the artists that remain after the press days
I will continue to  investigate national symbols by transforming the flags of Mexico and Italy.
I will research the relation that Venetians have to the event and tourism and respond through my work to the tensions of this international exhibition.
I will remain in Venice until everything in this list has happen, even after the official length of the project is over, and I will represent a project that no longer exists.
After Venice I will visit 1/3 of the 18 artists that participated in the residency in their own countries or cities to engage in conversations about their practice, their context and possibly collaborate.