I will find a way to steal a piece from the bienniale that can then be distributed to the public

I steal a watermelon from Sigalit Landau's work at the Isreali Pavillion, and offer it to the public of a tour outside the Giardini by Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri, (Palestine & Iran) part of the Speech Matters exhibition at the Danish Pavillion. I gave the watermelon to the people taking the tour, who eat the fruit sharing a spoon without knowing its origin, or that by consuming it they were being part of a piece.

Email Correspondence with Sigalit Landau

Hello Sigalit,

I'm a fellow artist , and I have a question about the watermelons in the exhibition, I have friend from Israel that told me that they are very traditional fruit of the Area. Are they part of the exhibition of just for decoration of the pavilion? I really enjoyed the video work of the girl in all the computers and the bronze shoes outside. I wish you good luck with building the salt bridge, and I hope you have time to answer my question, it sounds silly but is really important to me.


Emilio Rojas


Hi emilio,

Water melons are grown in very many parts of the world and are attributed in this area as "summer" and beach activity with an eastern tendency also in the US "simple" and especially black people and by animals are associated with eating this over sized fruit ...

Thank you very much for your mail.

PLEAse go to my web-site for more on melons and other ...