Older News June- July

May 31st- June 6th.- (extended for one more week as part of my proposal)
Participating in

Pirate Camp
: Stateless Pavilion. 54 Venice Biennale, a project by CONIGLIOVIOLA.

June 1-3 2011.
Participating in
Venice Biennale, Curated by Jonas Stampe and Nadia Captaine.

June 9-11th
Spanish Pavillion- 54th Venice Biennale, The Inadequate by the artist Dora GarcĂ­a.
Transforming Vynil piece: Not-Belonging-To-Any

June 10th-11th.

The Art Summit of The Alliance of Arts and Culture is pleased to announce, On Matters of Sensitivity and/or How The Dripping Turned into a Flood, new collaborative works by Vancouver-based artists Patrick Blaeser and Emilio Rojas, produced at recent residency in the month of April at the Strathcona Art Gallery (STAG), along with the release of the publication/catalog during the event.

The show is the result of a month long residency dealing with ideas of sovereignty, secrecy, and national statehood. The subject matter departs from the recent disclosure of sensitive information released to the public by wikileaks for scrutiny and debate, and has created a forum for the discussion of a freer and more transparent society. The pieces reflect on both personal and public sensitivities, whether that be the sensitivities between two lovers; or that sensitivity that comes from a document only meant for military eyes. Blaeser-Rojas evaluate when should this material be open to the public or remain secret, or if all information should be openly disclosed.

The research will result in a series of sculptural works most of them contained inside lockets wore by performers throughout the night, with different “rules of engagement”. An attempt to be critical of interactivity within contemporary art, diplomacy, and military procedures. The locket, refers to dual motifs of love and politics that serve to connect the two vignettes that comprise the structure of the exhibition.

Blaeser - Rojas have been collaborating since 2010.
People are invited to participate by bringing their own lockets to the show.