Untitled- Senza Titolo

I will research the relation that Venetians have to the event and tourism and respond through my work to the tensions of this international exhibition.

I meet Mulay, a black glassblower from Senegal who migrated to Italy and learned the trade from the island of Murano. This tradition of glass blowing is usually taught inside the family and kept very secret. We meet several times and I interview him. We talk about language, tourism, xenophobia, immigration laws, art, and traditions. From this conversations he directs me to a local glassblower who Mulay commissions him to make two glass pearls that directly relate to his experience as an immigrant. I carve an English-Italian dictionary to fit the pearls inside. We talk about his struggles learning both languages, and how Veneto the dialect from Venice is dissapearing. He says ``English rules this city, and so does tourism``. In the end the Dictionary is thrown into the canal close to his sglass, with the intention for it to float throw the cannals . Mulay takes the dictionary from the river preventingand uses it to display his own jewelry for sale to the tourists.