Extracción-Insertion : Wisdom-Juicio

in Collaboration with David Khang

VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver
Museum Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City

Wisdom teeth in Spanish are called 'judgment' teeth. Through this collaboration, we  compare notions of embodied wisdom and judgment along a pyscho-physiological-cultural axes, to metaphorically consider experiences of migration, translation, and separation.

Extractions of wisdom teeth are coupled with insertions of tattoos on my feet that read 'wisdom', 'judgement', 'sabiduria', and 'juicio'. At the same time a spiritual healer ¨shaman¨, attempts to heal both sites of trauma. The left half of the body is treated in Vancouver, and the right half is treated in Mexico City. The dentists, the tattoo artists, and the healers,  are interviewed about their ideas of judgement and wisdom in relation to their life experience and practices.