Letter of Apology

collaboration with Patrick Blaeser

To a viewer of a unrealized project
To the viewer
This is a letter of apology to you - the viewer- for a work of art that is missing, and
At the time that the issue of working together was brought forward, I was not in the
perhaps will never happen. Our names will no be put together to label the
mental state to produce a body of work together. Our relationship was in turmoil
collective effort of two people with extremely different ways of creating.
and I did not feel I could handle it; art at that time seemed to be unimportant, and in
Collaborating with anyone is a difficult undertaking, but to collaborate with 
many ways I believed would have been a strain on our relationship. I wanted to
the person that I  love the most  has been the most challenging.  In a attempt to
focus on the two of us and the thick space that was currently between us. Art can
be honest to you about the most challenging  experience  in my practice,  I wanted to
express many things and pass on information from the maker to the viewer,
collaborate  with him one last time.  I thought about a performance that would illustrate
from the performer to the spectator, from the creator to the listener; but
the situation we find ourselves in. The title of the piece would have been;
the nuances of a relationship is something that cannot not be fully presented.
Its all about  balance, flexibility, and equilibrium.  Trying to balance each other out
A relationship is a subtle work where there are only two true spectators, whom are
in acrobatic positions, in a constant attempt  for equilibrium.  For this we would have been
collaborator-viewers. So no matter how beautiful and profound a work of art may be, it is
trained by a  professional to realize a  routine.  You can imagine this action being
really nothing without the fullness of experience, a work of art is only a window
performed during the opening night and if you turn around you will see the chalk outline
into a world of experience, a shadow. Without subjective insight, the mirror
of an immaterialized performance. That would have  been the location of our bodies in
it creates is useless. And a relationship, is the truest vessel of experience, through the
relation to you. One of us suspended over the other’s feet, grasping our hands tightly, the
other you can learn to understand yourself and your reality. 
breath is  synchronized. The rest is for you  to imagine. As much I want to be
My part of the work is making our relationship stronger, though it is not
truthful, and present you with a piece that deals with the struggle of  collaboration this
something that you can experience, you must trust me that it is real.
failed attempt is perhaps a  collaboration of itself.  I apologize that you will not be able to

witness the  piece described  above and I must assure you that I did  everything I could to

try to make this happen.  At the moment we both  have to deal with that absence, and

respond to this empty space full  of possibilities.  Our relationship is a

constant collaboration, an endless negotiation of  different ways of  caring for each other. 

This is an attempt to find that balance.