Unconditional Intersubjectivity, Intersujetividad Incondicional.

During this durational collaborative piece my mother and I write on each others backs the fears, frustrations, and challenges of living in different countries and being separated. She writes in Spanish , I write in English and we continuously write and erase these confessions without knowing what the other one wrote. We both wear a 10 meter long dress, made out of a single piece of fabric, that unites us at all times. The dress is constantly transformed by our actions becoming a portal, a mantelpiece, a rope, a bridge, a table, a blanket, an umbilical cord, a trap, a nest, a topographic map. We feed, massage, confront, kiss, cry, embrace, caress, argue, meditate with each other. Throughout the exhibition we return to keep writing in each other backs. 

Friday , May 4th, 4 hours
Saturday, May 5th. 4 hours

photo credits: David Khang
Emily Carr University Graduation Show