NEWS 2013

19 December - 4 February 2014
Detanico & Lain, Emilio Rojas, Javier Núñez Gasco, Matt Keegan, Raúl Hevia, Suso Fañdiño
Curated by Ángel Calvo Ulloa
Galeria Nuble, Santader España.

  Nov 6th
Diffractions of the Local
Back Gallery Project, Vancouver, Canada.

Artists: Gabriela Aceves, Nelly César, Carlos Colín, Guadalupe Martínez, Manuel Piña, Emilio Rojas, Josema Zamorano

The first in a series of activities by a group of artists formed in disparate geographies, with varied cultural and artistic traditions, and currently living and working in Vancouver.  This exhibition (which includes video, durational performances, spatial interventions, poetry and sculpture) does not convey a unique statement. Rather, it is attempt to interrogate how artistic sensibilities, world visions, political stances and modes of social engagement formed elsewhere morph, adapt and contribute to Vancouver's artistic landscape. 

Diffractions of the local will be opened until November 18th, 2013.

Nov 1st
Celebrating the Day of the Dead.
Mountain View Cemetery, Celebration Hall.
organized by Emilio Rojas
with the participation of Luciana de Anunciacao, Nelly Cesar, Zoe Kreye, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Guadalupe Martinez, and Emilio and  Matias Armendaris.

Alluding to Day of the Death, this event intends to integrate the Latin American ritual into the North American context. With the intention to commemorate this tradition from different cultural perspectives, inviting contemporary artists to create altar installations, video, performance and rituals honoring the dead. Re-visiting the significations that the celebration invokes, the artists intend to bring to surface the unspoken fear to death, to the body and to the finite present in western-consumption-popular culture. The Cemetery will serve as a backdrop to honor the dead, and with the attempt to reflect on the relationship that we have with our dead ones, and our own mortality. These pieces reflect upon contemporary syncretism and hybridity of our traditions. 

Nov 2nd. 
Cineworks Super 8 Challenge screening


OCT 5th, 2013
"After your fear" , or "for Schoenberg"
A collaboration with Jeremy Harris
Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Toronto
Propeller Art Centre
The piece is 13 Minutes. Starts at 11:47 pm, 13 minutes before midnight. preparations for the piece begin 11:34 pm.

On Friday, July 13th, 1951 Arnold Schoenberg stayed in bed all day, sick with anxiety. It was the sum of his fears, Friday the 13th and he was 76 years old, two numbers that add together the number 13. He died of unknown causes , 13 minutes before midnight.

Oct 26
Commissioned Installation for the All Souls celebrations
 Mountain View Cementery
with the Participation of the Woodwards Community Singers.

Oct 30th 
Launch of website for ThisPlace Vancouver,
Grunt Gallery.

July 24 – August 9
Presenting Video Installation :ization :izer :ized  at  exhibition TransgressionNow
Queer Arts Festival, Roundhouse Centre,  curator  Paul Wong y Glen Alteen. Vancouver, B.C.
alongside Joe Average, Thirza Cuthand, Zackary Drucker, Terry Haines, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa

July 12
Residency Exhibition at Villa Iris, Fundacion Botin, Santander Spain

 June 30- July 14
Summer Residency Fundacion Botin, lead by Tacita Dean, Santander Spain.

June  1-10th
 Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, Chicago, U.SA.  

June 20-july2nd
No Rhyme or Reason curated by Terrance Houle,
The Works International Arts Festival, Edmonton Alberta.

with performances by Victoria S. Stanton, Ulysses Castellanos, Theo Pelmus, Erica Lord, Video Eric Bridgeman, WhiteFeather, Alec Moon, Ali Christensen (Fridge Kicker), Jillian McDonald, Matt Crookshank, Torry Mendoza, Emilio Rojas, Jamison Chaz Banks.

May 28- June 5
Infr'action Venice- 2nd Biannual Performance festival at the Venice Biennale in colaboration with Guadalupe Martinez. Venice, Italy

May 10-June 8th
ThisPlace/ Vancouver, with Guadalupe Martinez, Igor Santizo, Emilio Rojas, Glenn Lewis and Michael De Courcy, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver , Canada.

Residency  at the Hammock Residency.Vancouver.

April 26 
Ecos en Silencio (performance evening)
Luciana D'Anunciação, Nelly Cesar, Guadalupe Martinez and Emilio Rojas
1523 East Pender, Vancouver, Canada.  

April 13
Sweaty Bones, AIDS Act up fundraiser, Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research (CAHR 2013)
performance in remembrance of Terry Haines.

March 12
Screening of  ¨Intersections¨and performance with Jeremy Harris
Glasshouse Project Space,  NYC, U.S.A.

March 3rd
Performance, talk, and Q&A at Savannah College of Art and Design. Savannah,  Georgia,

March 2nd 
Screening of  ¨Intersections¨and performance with Jeremy Harris
Apothecary Gallery in Greensboro, NC

February 28th
Anti-oppresion workshop at the University of North Carolina Asheville.

February 23rd
Presenting Video Installation :ization :izer :ized  at VIVO Media Art Centre, Vancouver, for the show Behavioral Issues, some of the other artists presenting work in the show Bruce La Bruce, Attila Richard Lukacs, Clark Nikolai, Terry Haines, and Bobbi Kozinuk.

 February 22nd
Carolina Film and Video Festival and the department od Media Studies  of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. 
Screening of  ¨ Intersections¨, pannel, performance, and workshop.

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