Mestizo Zempoala

As part of the exhibition The National Indian Leg Wrestling League of North America by Terrance Houle in the Burnaby Art Gallery, Mestizo Zempoala, a fictitious mexican native wrestler was created. This exhibition investigates the Hollywood and media driven “Indian wrestler’s” body through contemporary social and political frameworks. Through a series of photographic images, NILWLNA boldly questions how the Aboriginal body may be utilized to create and dismantle stereotypes of First Nations people within the portrait genre, professional sports, and farcical situations. Much of Terrance Houle’s practice is directed towards exploring racial and cultural stereotypes . These character question ideas related to personal and collective subjectivity, the power of the gaze, and the social constructs of portraiture. Taking the character of the migrant a step further and creating a persona that defies stereotypes, and exaggerates the construction of a Mexican identity, by mixing traditional native clothing and popular culture. This character will cross the US-border, traverse airports, confront immigration officers, make demands and  attend immigration protests.

The National Indian Leg Wrestling League of North America
will be presented in the Burnaby Art Gallery, MOCA Calgary, 
                                Urban Shaman , and The Whitewater Gallery 

Mestizo Zempoala Border Crossing and bored in an airplane.