Love Letter to Paris

For this piece I arrive a week earlier to Paris, and investigate the romantic conceptions of the city, through different actions.
1.- Counting everytime a saw a couple kissing in paris (total of 255)
2.- I fall in love with a different stranger each day and spend a few hours with them. I invite them for the performance and then write them love letters that were read to them during the piece.
3.- I make a video-love letter to the city.
4.- I watch movies at night about Paris, and try to relive the romantic moments portrayed in the films with strangers the next day in the exact locations of the films, utilizing parts of the film script. 

For the performance in the gallery, classical pianist Jeremy Harris, plays romantic compositions by Rabel and Debussy composed in Paris projected to a map of the city. While the music plays the letters are read, and videos created during that week  alongside excerpts from the movie ¨Paris Je t´aime¨ are played through the performance. The painting of San Sebastian at the Louvre, icon saint appropriated by the queer community, serves as a reference to martyrdom, and the unfulfilled expectations of Paris as a city of love. The piece continues after the performance until my departure from Paris.

Performance in Paris, 
for Dimanche Rouge at Plateforme Gallery,
 in collaboration with  Jeremy Harris. 
Photo credit: Oscar Mac-Fall