:ialism :izer : ized

The video installation  :ialism :izer : ized  juxtaposes my own personal narratives with video images of colonialism, chronicles from the trips of  Christopher Columbus (in Spanish Cristobal Colon) and different diagnostic colonoscopies. Connecting the personal, the social,  the historical, the medical, the erotical, and the abject to the repetition of the  action of introducing corks into my rectum.  This
performance goes back to my first memory of a homophobic remark. My best friend invited me
over to his house when we were 9 and we had a sleep over. His dad told us before going to bed  “If
you are going to sleep in the same bed, you better put a cork up your ass.”  Phrase, which took me
a few years to understand. The piece also retells my first memory of the word homophobia. When
my uncle said during an argument against a homophobic comment  “Homophobia is a product
of colonialism, Christopher Columbus brought religion, chickenpox and hatred” . These memories
relate to my first sexual explorations as a child, homophobia in my own family, and the construction
of my own gender identity.

 Each cork, is a symbol of consumption, represent each year since the point of the first contact with
Europeans settlers in October 12, 1492.  Historically the use of the cork in the 16th century coin-
cides with the raise of the colonial project and the expansion of the Spanish Empire.  It is important
to mention that the origin of the cork tree is the Spanish Peninsula. Most of the narratives taught
about Colon, especially in Latin America, tend to romanticize his trip, and heroicize his ¨discovery¨.
The heroical narration and romanticized animation are contrasted with the footage of the statue of
Christopher Columbus being pulled down to the ground and destroy in the Plaza Venezuela in Ca-
racas in 2004. Two years before the event, Hugo Chavez changed the celebration of the ¨Discovery
of America¨ celebrated on October 12th, to the day of   Indigenous Resistance.

Production Still, Video 14:92