Mestizo Revisited

The processes of hair modification through daily dressings, cuttings, and treatments are direct indications of identity. These actions of appearance manipulation are translated as references to a projected self-reflective vision. An examination of the common experience of hair removal and its connective forces are contemplated through this provocative work. Although originating as a project amassing scrapped hair samples‚ from strangers and acquaintances, the process developed and eventually a bleached felted substance was produced.

The idea for Rojas' performance at Non-Fiction Gallery is a conglomeration of a previously performed project titled Mestizo and Pitasalok's processes. The name comes from a derogatory word once used against those of mixed Mexican and European backgrounds such as Rojas. In the exhibition, he examined the meaning of the word though the physical act of dividing his body into left and right sides and then removing half of his dark body hair. Longing to have lighter features as a child, Rojas altered his body hair with bleaching cream, a projection of his own perceived inadequacies. Later, his fascination with cultural constructions evolved into a performative approach. Guided by the theme of participation and the effects of bleach, Rojas' Mestizo Revisited welcomes those contributors of Pitaksalok's hair donations to join in the process of bleaching half of his body, applying, and washing the chemicals of change from half of his body.

Collaboration with artist duo Adulio Pitaksalok 
performance curated and text by Gabrielle Buffong
Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah, Georgia
exhibition curated by Tyler Akers