Open Wounds (A Gloria)

“The U.S. Mexican border es una herida abierta (an open wound) where the Third
World grates against the !rst and bleeds.”
Gloria Anzaldua.

An open wound made by a tattoo artist of the line of the US Mexican border without
ink, made from my !rst vertebra to my last creating a 22 inch scar. This equation
of the border to an open wound has led me to research both wounds and
borders as sites of trauma in migrant and displaced communities. The wound is a
site to explore Anzaldua’s focus on cultural identity, hybridity, and displacement.
Michel Foucault’s ideas of biopolitics, subjugated knowledges and inscription
are similarly central to my analysis of the wound, which is re-open every year, in locations that relate to the border.


2014- ongoing
first performed at Lone Star Explosion International Performance Biennale, Houston, Texas